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REMAR FUND is a pioneering creator of the top-level business type-tourism complex that integrates the core advantages of such industries as Housing, Business, Hotel and Resort. It has extended the creation to more than 20 provinces and cities throughout the country and international-level tourist resort paradises featuring the largest scale, highest standard.


REMAR FUND adopt a new forms of ownership, Private equity in the hotel industry.

Two major changes characterize the development of ownership structures in the hotel, catering and tourism business: on the one hand hotel chains concentrate on their core activity, i.e. management of hotels, and therefore get rid of real estate assets. On the other hand private equity funds become significant if not major shareholders in hotel chains and tend to become key decision-makers in the sector. This new ownership structure may have short and long-term consequences on working conditions and industrial relations in the hospitality sector.


REMAR FUND by its Private Equity Capital Solution, provides funds to private (as well as publicly listed) companies for the purpose of development, in particular. Private equity fund managers manage the capital raised with the purpose of investing directly in private companies basing the investment carry out buyouts by “cashing in” on the investment within three to five years. Although can be long-term investors, REMAR FUND focus mostly on short-term investments oriented to the development of the company. 


REMAR FUND invest as well in Franchise stategy, also called licensing agreements, lease a “brand” from a franchisor to a franchisee. In addition to the initial franchise fee, the franchisee is generally charged a joining fee upon affiliation with the brand chain. The franchisee is given access to the brand, financing and market strength. Many lenders will not finance hotel acquisition or construction unless the property has a strong brand.


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