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REMAR FUND invests in pharmaceuticals, biotech, medtech, and healthcare services and are actively funding healthcare innovation. We start companies, or invest in existing companies, with commitments as high as $250 million; in this sense, we scale to the buy-out or growth equity level but we take the long view, both as a matter of principle and for value creation.


REMAR FUND is a specialized private equity firm that invests in lower middle market with a narrow and deep focus in Healthcare sector.  Our philosophy is to partner with talented management teams, provide them with access to world-class operating resources and patient capital, and develop positive, open and constructive relationships that foster long-term value creation.


REMAR FUND invest in companies that have the potential for further value creation by accelerating growth and enhancing operational capabilities and competitiveness, we have attracted a diverse and dedicated team of world-class operating resources with both general management and functional skill sets that can support the growth and productivity of our portfolio companies.


In addition to strategic growth, REMAR FUND resources can help in areas such as information technology, human capital, supply chain, business development, and international growth strategies.  These resources have been successful supporting management teams in taking advantage of market opportunities and in helping steer through challenging business conditions.


Investors include many leading domestic and international institutions including pension funds, banks, insurance companies, diversified financial institutions, foundations, and university endowments.  We have completed over 100 transactions, including platform portfolio companies & follow-on acquisitions. 




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