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REMAR FUND is a subsidiary of REMAR HOLDING, has been founded by the President Mr. Manuel Ros with the only specialization to reinvest the capitals, raise by the group or directly from the people’s wellbeing, in verious industries as Residential Buildings, Equity, Insurance, Healthcare, Technology, Industry, Sport, Fashion and Tourism. It has over 8,000 sales representative worldwide and a total asset of US$ 7.04 billion. In 2015, its sales volume reached US$ 2.34 billion.​
REMAR FUND is structured as a business partner, invest the capitals received from the investors in various and strategic industries and share with them the profit derivant from the investment as a pure business partner, this explain why and how REMAR FUND is the only organization that propose and assure to its investors a return on investment up to 40% per year supported by primary bank guarantee necessary to insure our commitments and demonstrate our financial solvency as well a unique competitiveness that no one else on the market can offer.
To preserve the unparalled capital security and the certainty of profit in the manner and terms offered, REMAR FUND only accepts partnerships with all those partners who are able to give the necessary guarantees for the respect of commitments and agreed strategies, for this reason invest in REMAR FUND is safe and without risk, because REMAR FUND invests only where there is certainty, seriousness and professionalism driven by a dynamic management.
REMAR FUND is specializing to support companies based on a economic and structural development, there are various areas where REMAR FUND intervenes as a financial partner, the strategy to diversify investments mean to enhance the certainty of the outcome and solidify the capital security received by our investors.

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