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REMAR FUND own a modern Insurance Department, fully entering the insurance industry to covers the business of life insurance, health insurance and accident insurance and more but the core business in the global reinsurance industry dedicate of life reinsurance, business reinsurance, financial reinsurance and other.


We are one of the leading reinsurance companies in the market. We are the reinsurance company that focus primarily non only in the business but also on life and health-related reinsurance solutions. Our core products and services include individual life reinsurance, individual living benefits reinsurance, group reinsurance, health reinsurance, financial solutions, facultative underwriting and product development.


We specialize in providing life and health-related reinsurance and financial solutions to help our clients effectively manage risk and capital. We also are the leader in facultative underwriting. Our core products and services include individual life reinsurance, individual living benefits reinsurance, group reinsurance, financial solutions, underwriting expertise and product development.

Actuarial, Underwriting and Claims Management Expertise

We provide industry-leading actuaria​l, underwriting and claims management expertise. Globally, we have dozens of consultant doctors who work closely with our underwriting and actuarial teams. 


A Financial Solutions Pioneer 

REMAR FUND pioneered the use of reinsurance as a financial management tool and we have been helping our clients manage risk and capital through financial solutions for decades. Our finance, investment and risk experts are specialists in measuring and quantifying insurance and investment risk, as well as evaluating the merits of using financial solutions to make better use of capital. 


e-Underwriting Solutions

Developed by our underwriting, business and technology experts, REMAR FUND offers innovative 

e-Underwriting Solutions designed to help your organization underwrite better, faster and with greater consistency. 

Our flagship underwriting product, has the strongest underwriting rules engine on the market, with thousands of underwriting rules covering impairments, medications, sports, prescription drug histories, avocations and treatments. We also offer solution, which is particularly effective at removing barriers in bringing simplified-issue solutions to market. It can be implemented quickly, securely and easily in almost any environment. 


Outstanding Client Service 

We back our products and services with the highest level of client support and timely service. We are consistently recognized by industry around the world for our high standards of service, industry expertise and product development. 


REMAR FUND adheres to the enterprise of "benefiting people's livelihood", upholds the philosophy of "offering profit to people and service first", advocates the spirit of "attention, focus and specialization"; it is committed to providing diversified insurance products affordable and assured that can meetthe needs of people, thus ensuring that the customers have access to medical treatments, good care and accident insurance, and providing wealth support forthe customers' good life through the fine management of the customers' assets.


REMAR FUND specializes in International Programs where we address U.S. interests of corporations headquartered in Europe. We also write selected segments of marine and aviation business in the U .S. domestic market. We are dedicated to providing with the highest possible quality of service. The professionals of REMAR FUND Insurance Division are experts in their fields and will help you design solutions that fit the needs.


We provide our clients with tailored solutions built on our in-depth skills of all lines of business and international market. Our strategy hinges on the integration of a reliable technical approach.


A true adequacy between clients expectations and our way of providing adapted services thanks to our underwriters, engineers, back office and claims department makes the difference, as well REMAR FUND own a skilled and dynamic team with more than half of its members possessing over 15 years of claims handling experience. Its mission statement is to provide superior customer service to its insureds and affiliated companies, give value for every expense and loss dollar, make thoughtful, well-reasoned claim decisions and written assessments, and finally to provide timely and accurate reporting.


Our Property Underwriters underwrite Commercial Property, Boiler and Machinery, and Inland Marine coverages. Our main focus is supporting international programs emanating from Europe. We subscribe to ISO rates and forms.


Our Casualty Underwriters provide expertise to local U.S. clients being affiliates of European corporations and also to U.S. brokers. We underwrite Commercial General Liability, Umbrella and Excess Liability policies which are part of European International Casualty Programs.


We focus on Cargo. We underwrite cargo policies through U.S. brokers, both for U.S. domestic corporations as well as for U.S. subsidiaries or affiliates of European based corporations.


We offer protection for:

  • Large, medium, and small companies with import/export activities and domestic transits

  • Project cargoes

  • Trading and Commodities

  • Multinational companies requiring international insurance programs

  • Coverage at storage facilities


We are supported by REMAR FUND Solutions Risk Management Team, experienced in various areas of shipping. As part of a large international insurance group, we also act as an entry point for other marine risks, such as Hull (Blue Water) and Yachts.


We target clients in the yachting insurance market and offer a whole range of products and services designed for yachts 75ft. and longer.

We are supported by a team of technical advisors, previous nautical officers and mega-yacht captains.


We are part of a large international group with one of the largest first class net capacity.


We focus on Products Liability - manufacturers and their subcontractors, distributors, and any corporations involved in the Aviation industry, including service providers (repair services, refuelling, airport assistance, catering, etc.)

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