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REMAR FUND in over 23 major cities across Europe, and more than 20 representative partners (regional companies) worldwide, is also operating in the management and improvement of real estate assets in the public sector.


REMAR FUND has enlarged its portfolio with 10 new real estate funds in last two years, including investments in areas and properties destined to projects for the enhancement of European wine and food excellence, for investment in social housing, which includes, among its investors.


The Company has received numerous acknowledgements, including winning the eminent IPD European Property Investment Awards for two years. Furthermore, REMAR FUND also obtained ISO 9001:2008 Quality Certification, issued by Certification Body IMQ, confirming the company’s relentless commitment to represent an international best practice.


REMAR FUND own a Credit Servicing department, is a financial organization, Consolidated Banking Law, specialized in the management and recovery of non-performing loans (“NPL”). Through its service activities (special, master and corporate servicing) is one of Europeran’s leading operators for the volume of NPL managed with a portfolio of approximately $ 4.5 billion (Gross Book Value). The independence and authoritativeness of REMAR FUND makes it the ideal partner for global banks and investors.


The company operates through a highly-specialised structure with financial, real estate and legal expertise. It has local representative agencies and a real estate and legal professionals network covering the entire countries where have a interest. REMAR FUND offers Special Servicing solutions, i.e. credits management and recovery; Master Servicing solutions, i.e. administrative, accounting services; Corporate Servicing, i.e. institution and management of special purpose vehicles; due diligence of loan transfer portfolios and advisoring for the purchase and disposal of portfolios.


REMAR FUND is the leader of Integrated Services, have a dedicate Strategic Business Unit, that offers a complete service range of services covering the entire lifecycle of real estate assets, the real estate management division operate with approx. € 5 billion and 5.6 million sqm of assets under service.


REMAR FUND offers integrated, active and dynamic management services (asset and portfolio management, property and facility management, project and development management and engineering and professional services). For retail, as well has a highly specialized department, responsible for the development and improvement of shopping centres.


With over $ 3 billion transactions concluded in the past 4 years, REMAR FUND with its representative Agency provides real estate advisory services to national and international clients, is specialized in the provision of advisory and brokerage services to public or private investors as well as for real estate funds and institutional players, and it offers advisory for the purchase and sale or lease of single assets/ real estate portfolios in commercial, residential, industrial and logistics sectors.


REMAR FUND has a Valuations department, is one of leading independent operators in appraisals of single properties and real estate asset portfolios that support a banking system based on four operational areas: Funding Project, Loan Services, i.e. loan support services; Full Appraisals, consisting in valuation of properties and asset portfolios also through economic-financial analysis; Mass Appraisals, i.e. valuation of large real estate asset portfolios, using statistical methods.


REMAR FUND is reconized by its Real Estate Advisory department that offers a full range of real estate services. Its business model aimes at providing professional advisory on every stage of an investment project, from carrying out market analysis, locating, selecting and recommending suitable projects, auditing, carrying out due diligence, arranging the financing, servicing the purchase to comprehensive asset management including tenant contract management and, potentially, the sale of the property.


As part of its strategy, which is customized to suit clients individual needs, REMAR FUND Real Estate Advisory specialists provide advice on how to increase the value of the property, optimize costs and improve the site management processes. Further added value comes from highly specialist advisory services on managing distressed or poor financial standing assets (e.g. operating at a loss, or with non-performing loans). Tailor-made strategies are developed to bring back the profitability of these assets.

Over the last few years, the company has implemented residential projects in the cities of Warsaw and Gdansk for over 2,500 units and retail projects, in various locations, for 35,000 sqm in total, both featured by the adoption of high eco-sustainable standards. Moreover, the company has specific know-how in projecting and providing technical assistance to construct building in the health-care sector (hospitals and University hospitals).

Its clients include prominent public and private Investors.​




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