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Sharing Ideas 

We structure investment debates between global investment teams, publish internal research summaries, develop emerging talent, and create tools to better access and share expertise.


Daily Global Meeting

REMAR FUND investment professionals from around the world discuss the latest market, policy and trading developments in our Daily Global Meeting. This video conference also provides a forum for portfolio managers to highlight changes in their thinking to colleagues. The meeting is chaired by a leading investor on a weekly rotating basis.


Question of the Week

The chair poses a Question of the Week to focus debate on a topical or thematic issue. The entire investment community can vote and comment on the question on our internal blog. Results are tallied up and displayed in real time.



Getting Together

We bring together REMAR FUND experts from around the world in forums, workshops and calls to discuss timely investment topics. These events feature intense internal debates as well as external speakers. They allow portfolio managers to challenge their thinking, generate new ideas, refine investment theses, and share best practices and expertise.



Next Gen Investors

We task small groups of REMAR FUND’s emerging investment talent with researching investment questions and identifying actionable portfolio ideas. The objective is to encourage cross-team collaboration, problem-solving, and ultimately to create the next generation of great investors. Senior portfolio managers critique the output of each group.



Our Toolkit

We partner with portfolio managers to identify knowledge-sharing opportunities, and then develop tools and processes that allow our investment professionals to access and share expertise, resources and insights. Examples are our online chart selection tool and our partnership with REMAR FUND’s platform team in developing an interactive research library.


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