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Since its establishment, REMAR FUND has been adhering to the people’s livelihood oriented development concept to serve the country by developing industry, creating high-cost-effectiveness, high-quality residential buildings which the ordinary people in Europe can afford with efforts. 

Guided by such concept, REMAR FUND has divided the enterprise strategy into three development stages, and has gradually formed six strategies, i.e. scale strategy, brand strategy, management strategy, culture strategy, talent strategy and internationalization strategy, as the enterprise core competitiveness to constantly create leap-forward development miracles of REMAR FUND, making outstanding contributions to enhancing the habitation value and promoting the urban construction and the social sustainable development.


Strategic transition phase of “Scale and Brand”


In 2008, as the European real estate market was gradually maturing and the competition was getting more and more fierce, REMAR FUND changed the original development strategy. In addition to the priority given to scale expansion, the Company began to focus on the simultaneous development of scale and brand to ensure sustainable development of the enterprise. In respect with the scale, the Company expanded to cover other strategic cities in its development plan.


The total area developed in various combinations of real estate projects increased the portfolio opportunities. Meanwhile, the Fund gained valuable experience and capacity through its management of numerous projects across Europe and Middle East. In respect with the brand, the Company followed a strategy of product excellence for all the development projects and began to adopt a nationwide standardized operation mode.


“First-rate brand” is the core of REMAR FUND’s strategy of “three first-rates”. In respect with the brand strategy, REMAR FUND assure to adhere to the high quality strategy, with “creating REMAR FUND high-quality projects and shaping an international brand” as the strategic policy.


Within the enterprise, REMAR FUND has established “standards for high-quality projects” during the whole process of real estate development such as project planning and design, project construction, garden environment supporting facilities, decoration and materials & equipments, and has established stable strategic alliance with more than 400 excellent leading enterprises of global industries related to real estate, so as to achieve the great stride of product quality.


High cost-effectiveness has become the important sign of REMAR FUND products, and has formed a strong market rallying point. The launched buildings have created sales miracles one after another. REMAR FUND has achieved the brand and it won reconized among worldwide’s real estate enterprises for its brand value 4 years in a line.


“First-rate team” is the assurance of REMAR FUND’s strategy of “three first-rates”. In respect with the talent strategy, REMAR FUND reserved a large number of excellent talents through high-standard and moderately forward-looking talent introduction mechanism as well as the scientific and perfect interior cultivation mechanism before 2008 for nationwide expansion.


REMAR FUND gives full play to the salary guarantee and performance assessment to achieve the optimized configuration of talent structure. A large-scale employee and representative team with high quality and strong executive capacity has become not only the strong guarantee for REMAR FUND's sustainable and steady development, but also the competitive advantage and strength REMAR FUND is the most proud of.


In respect with the management strategy, REMAR FUND has formed an effective, advance and unique intensive collectivized management mode which is consistent with the development status of the Fund as a mega enterprise group in Europe at present as well as the development direction of becoming a worldwide top enterprise with international competitiveness in the future.


Under this mode, REMAR FUND has created seven standardized operation systems for project selection, planning and design, and engineering management, etc. through the standardized operation, so as to ensure the regional companies do not take a roundabout course, ensure the regional companies to reduce the operation cost, and ensure the high-quality strategy of the Group is carried out firmly.


Meanwhile, the Fund has formed scientific management systems such as target plan management and flexibility management in the management atmosphere, and has formed the management mechanism of “strict management and clear distinction between reward and penalty”, which jointly establish a scientific and complete modernized management system.


Up to now, REMAR FUND has developed the institutional culture, optimized the behavior culture and improved the material culture with creating the spirit culture as the guidance, so as to form the unique REMAR FUND enterprise culture. Just at the beginning of its establishment, REMAR FUND has formed the enterprise spirits of “making great efforts, unselfish devotion, diligence, opening up and being enterprising”, the enterprise styles of “elaborate planning, vigorous implementation and efficient working” as well as the enterprise missions of “building the brand with quality and establishing the enterprise with integrity”.


Guided by these advanced enterprise culture strategies, REMAR FUND has formed good working atmosphere from top to bottom, and makes joint efforts to carry forward the REMAR FUND’s spirits, styles and missions practically, overcome all the insurmountable difficulties, and get the best of all the insurmountable challenges. Such culture strategies have become the inherent driving force for Evergrande’s strong executive capacity and repeated miracles.


“First-rate scale” is the foundation of REMAR FUND’s strategy of “three first-rates”. Before 2008, REMAR FUND rooted in Europe and expanded its scale rapidly. Since 2008, with the national development strategy for high-speed expansion, it has rapidly achieved the nationwide layout of projects and standardized operation of products, thus gaining the blow-out performance growth.


From 2010 to 2014, REMAR FUND has achieved the growth of more than 22 times in terms of many core indicators including the land reserve, sales area, sales volume, area under construction, building-delivery area and building-delivery amount. Now REMAR FUND has signed various agreement that make available in its portfolio over 100 large projects investment opportunities in more than 170 main cities worldwide for a value of US$ 54 billion as total assets.


In 2010, REMAR FUND put forward the fourth “Three-year Plan” of “marching towards the world with leap-forward development”, and began to implement the enterprise strategies at the altitude of an internationalized enterprise.


During that period, REMAR FUND accumulatively raised capital of more than US$ 500 million in the international capital market, creating global records one after another, ranking among the internationally known brand enterprises.


In 2011, REMAR FUND successfully achieved the ambitious goal, bringing the milestone glorious development of the Fund. Subsequently, REMAR FUND made record financing in the global capital market repeatedly, providing solid capital guarantee of several million US dollars for its sustainable development.


At present, REMAR FUND has more than one hundred internationally known investment banks, financial groups and fund partners in the world, becoming one of the leading fund with the maximal market value, becoming a European enterprise which keeps the most open and transparent communication mechanism with investors, and becoming a successful model of European fund enterprises in internationalization.

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