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At REMAR FUND, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to build for their future and the communities they care about. We are committed to partnering with best in class organizations that use forward-thinking approaches to solve pressing social and environmental challenges.


Our approach


We apply our rigorous approach and our belief in innovation and technology to capitalize on initiatives that deliver outsized, long-term results for underserved individuals and their communities.

  • We seek to provide both financial support and in-kind resources to innovative partners;

  • We seek to support organizations working on groundbreaking solutions for today’s most pressing social challenges around the world;

  • We seek to uncover new opportunities through thought leadership that are built on the best of REMAR FUND;

  • We seek to scale our impact by meaningfully engaging our employees in: volunteer service, leadership training, matching gifts, and locally and globally directed giving;


Our areas of focus


Building innovation: partnering with dynamic social enterprises putting innovation to work to accelerate social impact across a range of outcomes; from financial inclusion to food security;


Building inroads: creating access to improved livelihoods for underserved populations, including immigrants, women and veterans, either through building skills or breaking barriers;


Building infrastructure: creating pathways to innovative water and energy solutions at the household level;


Building insight: joining with thought leaders to contribute additional rigor and analysis, expanding the realm of what’s possible in the social impact space;


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