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REMAR FUND has a Industry Investment Division, leader to managing business, employment and economic growth through venture capital and private equity investments, we investing in companies, both directly and through private equity funds. We invest in rapid growth, internationalisation, spin-offs, major industrial investments, as well as sectoral, corporate and ownership restructurings.


REMAR FUND adopt a national innovation system, which seeks to stimulate dinanmic industries and promote the development of new technology, while creating new growth companies, jobs and wellbeing. We contribute to the innovation system services by providing venture capital and private equity financing to companies. The key principle is to work hand-in-hand with private investors, to share risks while boosting the availability of funding, investment expertise and networks.


REMAR FUND Industry Investment Division, promotes entrepreneurship, employment and economic growth through venture capital and private equity investments. We invest in private equity funds and directly in growth companies and internationalisation phases. We increase the availability of risk financing for innovative growth companies and boost their chances of succeeding in international markets.


REMAR FUND invest together and on the same terms with private investors. By encouraging private investors to join in as co-investors, more capital, business talent and valuable networks become available for investee companies. Co-investors typically include worldwide venture capital firms, pension funds as well as industrial and private investors.


REMAR FUND Industry Investment invests in the growth and internationalisation of businesses, provide promising companies with capital, expertise and networks for growing in international markets.


We seek growth companies for international markets.

REMAR FUND investment focus is on companies in the growth and internationalisation stages. Companies often need capital for further product development, internationalisation, expanding operations, strengthening balance sheets, mergers and acquisitions and sectoral restructurings. 

We invest in the most promising companies that have potential to generate value. We assess the firm's business plan, growth potential, product and service innovativeness, management and market outlook. We also look at the project's importance to economic activity, technological expertise and job creation.

Our investments are part of a financing package, put together with, and on the same terms as private investors. Typical co-investors are private venture capitalists and institutional investors, we make investments through different financial instruments such as equity, subordinated loans, convertible bonds or mezzanine financing. Our initial investment size varies between 0,5 million to 100 million euros. We invest on market terms, seeking a return on all our investments.

We are a long-term, active owner. We participate in business development alongside our private co-investors, mainly via board activities. When necessary, we can also participate in further financing rounds. We aim to exit the investment with other owners in an agreed time span.

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